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27-04-2012 - Dosgames and Webnews online
Today, we have again updated the website.

To start:
* Some small issues with the Filedump
* We have added the download section online again
-- At the moment only the dosgames are online. The list will be updated this evening to about 2300 games.
* We have added the news page online, so you guys can see what is happened on the website in the last couple of days.

Please, if you have any great idea’s, let us know….
Posted by: Flyer

26-04-2012 - Filedump
File dump is back online. At least, in the past it was only a picture dump on Rapid-Gaming. We have change that, so you can upload all kind of big files. To the max of 640Mb.

In the future, we will change that to 2Gb, that will depend on how much you guys are going to use it.

Please be notice, that all files, will be no longer on the server for 28 days. This will probably also change in the future. Again, this will depend on how much this feature is going to be used.
Posted by: Flyer

22-04-2012 - Webgames Online
Today, we have added the webgames page.

It is not much yet, we just started with adding 227 games online from MiniClips. We will try to add more games online later.

If you have a great webgame that you like and we don’t have, let us know.. Maybe we can add it on our website to.
Posted by: Flyer